Shoutout to the Stratego content makers

For a while now some players have been streaming or/and recording games and putting those with the purpose of putting them on YouTube which allows others to be entertained by watching a game of Stratego and possible discussing it on the forums, helping the community to be more active. As I am writing this post, it just so happened that one of the well known content makers / streamers posted an idea.

Don't get me wrong, I most definitely don't watch all of the posted video's, in fact probably less than 1 out of 20 as it is a time consuming thing to do, skipping parts usually means you miss out on critical information to fully understand what is going on.

Recently some content makers tried adding live voice commentary adding a new dimension to the video's. To those capable (and willing) of putting on the extra weight of multitasking; keep it up!

Some tips to the content makers:

1. Don't play the same setup every game, it gets a bit dull watching you play the same setup for the 10th consecutive game.
2. Don't only upload won games, when doing so, the result becomes predictable from the start
3. Don't spoil the result in the title.
4. Make sure (especially in friendly or/and tournament games) your opponent is ok with you uploading the game to for example YouTube.
5. After a game, share your thoughts (preferably in the video). If you don't like doing voice commentary, you can even open up a notepad and just type out your thoughts / comments about a game.
6. Give the other content makers a thumbs up every now and then for example by commenting on their game, or giving them a like on the forum. (I'm sorry for also being guilty of this 😅).
7. Have atleast one video of introducing yourself in some way, knowing the person behind the screen makes it more interesting.
8. Occasionally, make a video of another game, enjoy playing chess for example? why not make one (or more) video of it.
9. Be yourself, one of the reasons I personally enjoy watching Maxoscity/Silverhammer is because of this very reason.
10. Add a camera / picture to the video / stream. For example like this
Streamer 'Merlini' playing DotA 2


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