Online Stratego popularity

An interesting topic was started on the forum by GaryLShelton about the current stage of the game's popularity.

In my opinion, Stratego attracts a certain kind of people who don't need flashy graphics in order to enjoy a game. Many players who have tried the game will most likely say they found it to be fun, but they think they aren't good enough, quite frankly improving in this game isn't that easy.

The first struggle for a new player starts when making a setup, when new to the game, making a good setup isn't that easy, there are 40 pieces you have to think about and throughout the first games, most likely with a lot of losses, improve the setup to the point where they feel comfortable using it. Then comes the next challenge, you may meet the same player twice, which requires another setup to be created (or boldly playing the same one again), only adding to the problem. Of course you can find some setups online (some good ones, some absolute trash ones), but they still have to suit your way of playing.

There are not many sources that can be learnt from, Stratego is a game of secrecy after all. Of course there are some players who put their video's on YouTube. Some videocontent makers:
- Maxoscity
- Fks 
- Napoleon 1er/Apocalpyse
- Roeczak
- Major Nelson
- Groundbob

Any many others, which you can find by searching YouTube.

It is amazing those players are willing to share their gameplay, however, what works for them, may or may not work for you. As a new player commentary would help a lot as to understand why someone made a move (or didn't make), what the idea was, etc.

Somewhere on the forum there are some Strategy related topics example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4

One of the things I would definitely recommend to new players is to use the forum, become a part of the community and don't be a grumpy person, but try to contribute as much as possible in your own way.

Ultimately, to improve in this game is going to take some time, there are many aspects that need to be learnt and applied (some may come natural, some may not) in order to improve.

To contentmakers: Try streaming on Twitch sometime :).


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