EGC Grand Prix Final report

On the 9th of December the EGC Grand Prix final was held in Antwerp (Belgium). For those not familiar with EGC, this is an organization which focuses on developing Stratego in as many countries as possible.

The Grand Prix is a series of tournaments where players can qualify themselves for the eventual final, in which the top 16 players will receive an invitation. The top 16 is determined by the results of so called Grand Prix / International tournament results. GP tournaments are worth more points. The goal of the Grand Prix series is to unite Stratego communities from different countries.

Due to some last moment changes, some players who initially did not qualify for participation received compensation, as without said change they would have had a bigger chance of qualifying themselves. While rules in general are important, more important is the ensuring a fun and fair competition for all, ultimately, the decision increased the amount of participants in the finals, which is always a good thing.

One very unique thing about the GP final is the preparations that were made to have a pleasant day for everyone, as can be seen at the picture, bottles of water were present, as well as plenty of little snacks such as peanuts, almonds and peppermint.

During the finals, the Grand Prix series overall top three were also given their prizes, Loris Collart (Belgium) won the Grand Prix series.

The final event was won by yours truly, winning 5 games and playing 1 draw in the process.

During the lunch break, a lunch was organized by EGC's sponsor, Stratego fanatic, Kees de Vos.  And because during an exclusive tournament there should only be winners, every participant received a keychain referring to Stratego.

Some pics from the tournament:


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